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Adobe Photoshop Request Code


I have hard time with the answer to this question. I’m not able to understand why are u asking for the redemption code when i already have the serial number. thanks.


I was able to figure it out with a friend’s help, which I’m posting here for reference:
I was able to retrieve the Serial Number (about 12 digits) that was used to generate the redemption code.
I inserted the Serial Number in the redemption code box, and the serial number is supposed to appear in the notification message that says “Thank you for [your Name]. Please enter your coupon code for your free copy.”
However, to our surprise, it displayed a code that we did not enter for the redemption code in the notification message.
We just have to refer to the Redemption Code on the notification message, which is the “24-digit alphanumeric redemption code “.
After entering the Redemption Code in the Redemption Code box, the Serial Number that you enter in the Serial Number box for the first time, it will appear on the notification message.

Hope this helps.


How to set an exe path using child_process in NodeJS?

I have a current directory.
in the current directory there is my.exe file (path is C:\Users\me\Desktop\Program1.exe).
Now I want to run Program1.exe using Child_Process in NodeJS.
But I am unable to find an appropriate syntax for this.
var cp = require(‘child_process’);
var cmd = cp.spawn(‘C:\Users\me\Desktop\Program1.exe’);
cmd.stdout.on(‘data’, function (data) {
cmd.on(‘close’, function(code) {
console.log(“child process exited with code ” + code);

When I run this code, NodeJS shows error in red color “Cannot find a file”.
Now I’m very much confused. Please help.


Replace this line
var cmd = cp.spawn(‘C:\Users\me\Desktop\Program1.exe’);

var cmd = cp.spawn(‘cmd.exe’, [‘/C’, ‘


Choose the Adobe Photoshop CS6 program and check out the activation dialog box. Enter your serial number or redeem your Adobe application. Click I agree and click Continue. Read Adobe elements serial key. You can redeem an upgrade code that lets you download the full version of the software.
Adobe Photoshop Elements 19? Jul 1, 2008, 102:23 AM?

How to get Serial number (Activation Code) using Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 10/11.

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public String toString() {
return mXML.toString();

private void parseFile() throws XMLParseException {
// open the xml file
InputStream fs = this.context.getAssets().open(“get_playlist.xml”);
try {
Parser parser = new XMLParser();
parser.setProperty(Parser.WHITESPACE, “copy”);
parser.setProperty(Parser.INDENT, “yes”);
parser.setInput(fs, this.context.getAssets().open(“get_

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