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This article is the last of our overview of the coolest free time management apps for Android that will help you to better manage your free time.

Smart Task Manager

Know what you’re doing in the current context.

How many times have you lost track of time spent on something you should or could not care less about? This issue happens more often than we might want to admit, and Smart Task Manager for Android can solve our problems. After installing it on our device, we’ll be able to create a list of the currently active tasks, and then the application will remind us when time has passed.

This free time management app can be connected to your Google Calendar to show you the current context:

Creating a task
It’s really easy to create a task using Smart Task Manager. We open the menu for this, and start a new task. The empty field provides a preview of the time we need to complete the task, and we’ll be allowed to write anything in it. The application is smart enough to give you suggestions for best times to perform a given task, but you can change that if you wish.

After we have finished the task, we select the “Start” icon. This will open up a window which should show us the time remaining for the task, along with our current context and a simple reminder for us to finish the job. You will also find the option to add an alarm, but that was not available in the sample screenshots below.

Do not start the program, enter the menu and choose “Add” for adding a new task to the list.

You can continue adding additional tasks to your list, as well as remove the ones you finished. As long as you are logged in to the Google account used for synchronization, you’ll be able to access Smart Task Manager on the app.

Other features
In the settings menu, you’ll be able to customize when the application should start. That allows you to turn off the alert for the currently active tasks, for example. You can also choose how many tasks you wish to remind you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Besides being a standalone application, Smart Task Manager can also be synchronized with your Google Calendar, so it can keep track of your tasks related to the calendar events. So, if you want the application to remember the tasks you’re set to do next week, you�


Focus on your work, set the timer for the time you have left, and it will remind you every 15 minutes just when you have to go away from your desk.
The app can monitor one or more tasks, keeps track of your time, and lets you set the time you need for each task you will work on. Once you’re done with a task, AutoFocus will shut down without any prompt.
Slimmed down window, user-friendly menu with just basic functions
Preview before you start
If you’re in for some productivity work, AutoFocus makes it easy and simple for you to work on your tasks. The application has a very basic and minimalistic look, with a small window that packs most of the main features you need for a task. Time left, a clock, and task type are the only things you have access to.
Starting out is easy, but you need to tell the app which tasks you need to monitor at first. You can do so by naming each one of them. However, you can’t rename tasks and remove them easily when they’re no longer needed, so you may end up with a long list of tasks in a desktop that can look cluttered and difficult to manage.
When you click on a task to work on it, the countdown starts, and every 15 minutes, AutoFocus will remind you to take a break. But you can’t specify the length of time between tasks, and it will always be set to 25 minutes on the default setting. The only thing that can be tweaked is the number of time left before the break. In addition, it’s best to set a break for every task so you can keep track of how long you need to rest.
The application works fine when you’re working on a single task, but doesn’t integrate with the system notifications, and hasn’t got any summary display.
If you work with multiple tasks, you can use the main menu to switch between the tasks or tasks and tasks. In the main menu, you can either change the time left for a task, or change the settings which are related to tasks, their duration, and so on.
While the app is easy to use, it’s not always the most user-friendly application out there. It doesn’t provide an option for you to customize your time, nor does it support many features that you might find useful.

AutoFocus Description:

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Automatically create and edit your to-do list, just like a human:
* Appoint blocks of time for each task, with snooze option
* Count time remaining for each task
* Track multiple tasks at once (limited to one task per time)
* Track progress for each task
* Add due dates for tasks
* Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista
* 3.0 GHz Processor
* 800 MHz RAM
* Internet access

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What’s New In?

Let the app help you out with your daily activities. It will remind you to take a break every now and then. It can be a bit difficult to keep focus on your work with all the Internet left to explore, and accessible in the next tab. It’s not all bad though, because spending too much time in front of the PC, or especially concentrated on a task can be harmful. On the bright side, you can use applications like AutoFocus to structure your tasks a little better.
Easily create your list of tasks
The application takes little time and effort to get installed on your computer, letting you take a look at its set of features before you realize. With the main window up, accommodation takes only a little while, and so does creating a list of all tasks you need to perform. However, time and date aren’t displayed, so you might want to write it down next to a task if you want to keep track of all activities on the long run.
Tasks are automatically created once you stop writing in a dedicated field put at your disposal. Unfortunately, you can’t modify the font type, style, or color to make them easier to identify, nor add any icons in this regard. This is why it’s best to work on one task at a time, but you can’t monitor two at the same time anyway.
Track a task at a time
Each task field has its own corresponding clock field which, when pressed, starts to count the remaining time until you need to take a break. Sadly, you can only keep track of one task at a time, and selecting a different one discards time counted so far for a task.
The application relies on the Pomodoro technique, which, by default, is set to count 25 minutes of work time, with additional 5 of break time. You can’t change the values here, nor do you even get to see any numerical values related to time.
A few last words
To sum it up, AutoFocus is a lightweight, and easy to use application which can help you with your daily activities by reminding you it’s time to take a break every now and then. However, it’s only good for short-term activities, with no options to track everything you do, and little details to add to that.

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Autofocus brings you both the task management and time management for your PC. It allows you to

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Windows 7 or later Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent RAM: 2 GB
2 GB Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 11 graphics card with 2 GB VRAM
Microsoft DirectX 11 graphics card with 2 GB VRAM HDD: 40 GB free disk space
40 GB free disk space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible, 7.1 channel stereo required
DirectX 9.0 compatible, 7.1 channel stereo required Other: VRAM patch required

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