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EzTunnelSSH Crack Free PC/Windows

EzTunnelSSH Crack Mac allows you to quickly and easily manage SSH tunnels from the Windows desktop. It also supports automatic maintenance of the tunnels.

EzTunnel Web GUI is a web-based interface for the ezTunnel SSH program.
Installation instructions:
EzTunnel Web GUI may be installed in 3 different ways:

From a local application
From an application on a server
From another program on your desktop

To install from a local application:

Download the.exe application
Run the.exe application
Click the “Start” button
Click the “Install” button
Select the location on your computer
Select the “Finished” button

To install from an application on a server:

Download the.exe application
Run the.exe application
Click the “Start” button
Select the “Run” button
In the “Open” textbox type: “”
Click the “Open” button
Click the “Ok” button

To install from an application on your desktop:

Download the.exe application
Run the.exe application
Click the “Start” button
Click the “Run” button
In the “Open” textbox type: “”
Click the “Open” button
Click the “Ok” button

Easy way to manage multiple SSH tunnels in the background.
EzTunnel Web GUI may be used as a standalone program or as a front-end to the ezTunnel SSH program.
EzTunnel Web GUI supports the following features:

Manage your multiple SSH tunnels.
Directly connect to your tunnel (from the web).
Manage multiple tunnels simultaneously.
Launch all of your tunnels at once.

EzTunnel Web GUI may also be used to manage multiple tunnels using ezTunnel SSH.
EzTunnel Web GUI and ezTunnel SSH are two programs that may be used to add and manage multiple SSH tunnels in the background.

Required Downloads:

ezTunnel SSH 0.15.2

ezTunnel Web GUI 0.0.2

EzTunnel GUI Configuration.zip

EzTunnel GUI Configuration2.zip

If you are also using

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Server Management Tool that helps you manage your files, shares, files, printers and other servers in your network

ServerMage is a UNIX based network server management software which helps you to manage your network resources like file, printer, email, proxy servers, and other services. This server management software uses Berkeley DB as a default database. This network server management software integrates an easy to use network configuration tool and provides many useful features. Using this tool, you can perform all the tasks using GUI or command line.
ServerMage Description:

Secure TUNELess TUNnel Remote Shell (rsync) is the fastest – and
easiest – way to tunnel SSH through an SSH proxy, VPN, or a SOCKS
server on Windows. It is designed to be flexible, reliable and
highly efficient. The Tunnel group has a command line user interface
and a GTK+ graphical user interface (GUI).
The GUI contains modules for Tunnel access, Session management,
Generic TUN/TUNNEL information, and shell access.
The command line is not integrated into the main application
All features are controlled through an easy-to-use tool, which is
included with the application.

An SSH-based TUNnel which acts as a proxy server to route requests from a client computer to a designated server.

ThunderBolt SSH Network Gateway is an easy-to-use SSH-based TUNnel which acts as a gateway for client computers on a local LAN. By setting up this software on the computer you want to be your gateway, the client computers will be able to connect to the designated server through your computer.
The installation of this software is done through the SSH tunnel, and the client computers will connect to your computer after installation. Since ThunderBolt SSH makes it easy for the client computers to connect to your computer, this software does not need any configuration after the installation.
For each client computer, you can specify one or more servers which can be used as the gateway.
When the designated server you have specified becomes unreachable, ThunderBolt SSH will be able to retry by automatically shifting to the next designated server as long as the server is reachable.

ThunderBolt SSH Network Gateway was written to be a


In this tutorial, we will show you how to use EzTunnelSSH by Example. We will create and manage multiple tunnels, and use them to connect to our servers.
You will learn:
– Creating and managing multiple tunnels from a single IP address
– Connecting to remote servers using several tunnels
– Managing these tunnels from a central place
– Securing all your connections with SSH
EzTunnelSSH Features:
– Create and manage multiple tunnels from a single IP address
– Connect to remote servers using several tunnels
– Manage these tunnels from a central place
– Securing all your connections with SSH
EzTunnelSSH has been tested with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bits.
This tutorial is a part of a series of tutorials of other programs we use daily.
We are working in this tutorial with:
– Microsoft.Net Framework 4
– Mysql.Data 6.5
– PHP 5.5.15
– SSH-Tunnel 3.0
– OpenSSH.Win32, GSSAPI library and OpenSSH server 6.7
– PuTTY for Windows 7.x and Windows 10
EzTunnelSSH Requirements:
– Net Framework 4.5 is the minimum required for this tutorial
– PHP 5.5.15 is the minimum required for this tutorial
– Mysql.Data 6.5 is the minimum required for this tutorial
– SSH-Tunnel 3.0 is the minimum required for this tutorial
– OpenSSH.Win32 is the minimum required for this tutorial
– PuTTY for Windows 7.x or Windows 10 is the minimum required for this tutorial
– PHP 5.3 is the minimum required for this tutorial
– MySQL 5.0 is the minimum required for this tutorial
– OpenSSH 1.1 is the minimum required for this tutorial
Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section and we will answer them.
Download EzTunnelSSH for Windows:

Get it from:

Tech Support:
(MS Windows only)

What’s New In?

EzTunnelSSH is a GUI application for Windows that makes it easy to manage multiple SSH tunnels in the background.
The interface is simple: creating a tunnel takes a few seconds, connecting to an existing tunnel is instant!

CripdTorrent is a dynamic bittorrent client with Web interface. It constantly refreshes peer lists, and displays them in a browser.
This is also a bittorrent server, so you can use it with btdownloadcurses or many other programs, such as Webtorrent.
CripdTorrent Features:
– ability to manage torrents from a Web browser using Javascript and CSS
– the possibility to refresh the peer list each 5 seconds (not enabled by default)
– the web interface is similar to a desktop client
– periodic refresh of peer list
– HTTP based Webinterface

SkinEdit is an extensible theme engine for Gtk3/Gnome 3 based distributions, such as Ubuntu, openSUSE and elementaryOS, which also supports Windows, Mac and Linux.
It provides a UI in which people can select a theme, modify elements such as color, font sizes and window decorations, and export it to a Gtk-3 compliant theme.
SkinEdit uses a simple JSON format to store theme and its customization files.
SkinEdit Screenshot:
SkinEdit Installing SkinEdit on a bootable pendrive:
SkinEdit Features:
– Support for:
* Customizable themes and window decoration: Ubuntu, openSUSE and ElementaryOS support custom themes with size and color adjustments. This can be used to make it easier to find or customize themes.
* Customizable livewallpaper: Various directories of wallpaper images are supported. Any file with extension.pnm,.png,.jpg or.gif can be used for the livewallpaper.
* Color correction for Ubuntu and ElementairyOS: The color of the apps can be corrected automatically, or manually by the user. For a more complete color correction feature, the user can download an UberColor app.
* LightDM lock: This can be used to prevent the user from manually changing the theme and theme colors to something that do not match the background.
* Allows users to select a specific theme to be used when the first user session starts, or to set a default theme that will be used to set the theme during the session.
* Allows users to select a specific background image or live wallpaper

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9400@3.0GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 940
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia GeForce 8800GT or ATI HD4890 with 1024MB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 60GB available hard disk space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card


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