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Lodge Leblanc lit.
There is an option of adding existing external devices by performing a simple search in the ‘Selected Devices’ dropdown list,


loading to an external device (which would normally require an installation of the software).

Additionally, you can use the ‘Select Device’ button to create an entry for an external device in the ‘Selected Devices’ dropdown list, i.e.,

If the relevant device is already defined in the list of devices, when selecting a file on the device to import, the device is selected, otherwise, the device is created and an entry is added.

One of the recent addition which help to make ‘Import to External device’ easy, is the constant update of the list of devices. It now happen and on a larger scale,

The most recent update happened only on 3 June.

The update is made only after the device file is shared by google drive. So we can say that, either google drive is a compulsory method to share the device files or some one is monitoring which are the new device files uploaded on the internet.

If we check the recent updates for ‘Import to External device’, they are

The example device file can be downloaded from the url below.

Import to External Device


External Device

NOTE: If we modify device file to avoid some of the known file extensions (eg: apk, sms, etc.), it is ignored.


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Category:Software distribution
Category:IT operations
Category:Computer data
Category:Information technology management
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A senior consultant for number 2 school in the UK

Senior consultant for number 2 school in the UK

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