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– Adds transistors to a database
– Shows their properties
– Saves them automatically using a dedicated database
– Up to 100 transistors can be added to the database
– Allows to modify their properties and adds more details
– Adjustable graphics
– Search function with filter and sorting options
– Configuration file support
– Support for configuration file format
– Add more columns
– Switches between different skins
– Can be installed directly through the executable
– No installation required
– Only works with x86 architecture
“lang”: “zh-CN”,
“localizedName”: “点击重新启动系统桌面”,
“description”: “如果您的电脑被关闭,请点击“重新启动”。”
“shortName”: “重启”,
“GUID”: “ed84fa9c-5a7d-4e24-b1b2-e6ce897580eb”
}#pragma once

#include “ui_SPListView.h”
#include “SPListView_Button.h”
#include “../Sprites/sp.h”

class SPListView_Button : public SPListView
SPListView_Button(UINT type, const char *name, size_t size, UINT selected, UINT hotkey, bool enabled);

virtual void OnPaint(UINT message, const void* pSender);
virtual void OnUpdate(UINT message, const void* pSender);
virtual void OnSize(UINT message, const void* pSender);
virtual void OnBeforeDestroy();

My Transistors License Code & Keygen

✔️ Keep track of all the transistors in a device.
✔️ Sort your transistors by location, purpose, quantity and more.
✔️ All the transistor’s properties are added automatically.
✔️ Multiple entries can be added for the same transistor.
✔️ The database is saved to your computer in case you lose your transistors.
✔️ Use your device’s default skin or a customizable UI skin.
✔️ Connect to a device via USB or Bluetooth in order to add entries.
✔️ Filter and sort entries by multiple parameters.
✔️ Sort entries by:
– Name
– Purpose
– Quantity
– Size
– Voltage
– Speed
✔️ There are four skins for listing transistors.
✔️ Filter the skin list by one of the following parameters:
– Type
– Color
– Material
✔️ Auto-complete function: Press “Tab” key when typing in a skin to help with the editing process.
✔️ Alt+Enter actions: Press Alt+Enter to:
– Add transistors that aren’t recognized by the program.
– Add transistors to a group.
– Copy a row.
– Move a row to another device.
✔️ Ctrl+Enter actions: Press Ctrl+Enter to:
– Add transistors that aren’t recognized by the program.
– Add transistors to a group.
– Copy a row.
– Move a row to another device.
✔️ The program is multi-threaded and doesn’t take up too much RAM.
✔️ In case you lose your device, the program will save all the information to your computer.
✔️ The order of the columns is editable.
✔️ You can always return to the default order if you decide to change it.
✔️ It’s possible to modify the column widths between restarts.
✔️ The program is free to download from the author’s site.
✔️ Transistors can be added with ease.
✔️ All the transistors are grouped by location and purpose.
✔️ Transistors can be found by typing their name.
✔️ It’s also possible to add more information like:
– Quantity
– Equivalent
– Place
– Material
✔️ And edit all the transistor’s properties.
✔️ The program also automatically adds

My Transistors [Win/Mac]

An application to organize transistors in a database.



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My Transistors

Daniel O.

August 5, 2018


My Transistors was created to help users who struggle with keeping all these devices organized, as it allows them to be stored in a simple database along with their properties. All you have to do is type their names and the other parameters will be added automatically. Never lose track of your transistors again.
To get started, you just have to launch the executable, as no installation is required. After picking a UI skin, you can begin adding your transistors. To do so, simply type their name in the search box and click Add transistor; if the name is recognized, all the device’s parameters will be filled in automatically. You can also add more details, such as quantity, the transistor’s purposes and equivalent; the entry can be edited at a later date. Once you’re done adding the devices, you can use the search function to filter them and sort entries by any of the available parameters. A couple of issues worth mentioning: While there is a column for detailing each transistor’s location, we couldn’t figure out how to add this information. Since the program was designed to help you keep track of the items, knowing where they are is quite important. Also, it would be great if it were possible to change the order of the columns and maintain their dimensions between restarts. Currently, if you increase a column’s width, it will be reset to the default value when launching the program again. For fields that contain more than a couple of words, this is an inconvenience. Useful tool for organizing transistors The default database location can be modified, and you can also choose from a number of UI skins if you aren’t happy with the original one. While the interface does seem a bit outdated, it is functional and does the job. There are things that can be improved, but the fact that My Transistors can obtain device parameters automatically makes it better than any non-specialized tool for this particular purpose.

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What’s New In My Transistors?

Search your transistor collection with ease.
Organize your transistors in a database along with their info.
Add transistors manually or automatically.
Keep track of your devices by adding quantities, purposes and equivalence.
Filter and sort entries by parameters.
Easily exchange data between devices.
Auto-detect transistors.
Auto-detect missing transistors.
Browse its settings.
Has settings dialog.
Has help screen.
User-friendly, modern UI.

My Transistors is a useful tool for organizing transistors in a database along with their properties. Users can add their transistors or transistors to their collections and can easily access their properties and exchange data with them.
However, there are several issues in My Transistors. For example, there is no easy way to sort columns or change their width without restarting the application. Also, the interface is not intuitive and has outdated themes, which makes it difficult to navigate.
Some of the application’s tools can be used to help organize transistors in a more functional way. However, My Transistors is better than other alternatives for this task, as it offers a lot of features for managing transistors and provides the ability to import and export data.
My Transistors Price:

Current: Free

License: Freeware

File Size: 805 KB

My Transistors Alternatives

Free – Very organized transistor database application.

Transistor Browser – Used for organizing transistor lists.

Transistors-Manager – Allows you to organize transistors by categories.

Tranzistor-Helper – Helps you organize your transistor information.

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My Transistors

Using a modern UI, My Transistors is a nice tool for creating a database of your transistors, along with their properties.

My Transistors can help you organize all your transistors, whether they are stored in a device or a paper. The program has a sophisticated database, that can automatically generate values like quantities, uses and equivalence. Once your transistors are organized, you can use the advanced search function to filter them, and sort them by any of the parameters in the list.

The program gives you the chance to add more details, like purpose and location. These will be updated automatically once the program is open. You can also use My Transistors to edit your entries and import and export data

System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
OS: Windows 8/8.1/10
Processor: Intel i3/i5/i7
Hard Disk: 1 GB available space
If you are using Windows 8/8.1/10, you need to update to the latest Creators Update.
If you are using Windows 7, you must use the latest version of the game. Please make sure you have an x64 version of the game.
Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, Windows

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