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Have you tried the SnapOne SVG App?

In a nutshell, I have yet to see a CAD package for jewelry that has animated shapes. I have seen the following vendors release tools that I would describe as “I like” software. There are a few that do, such as Vivane®.

OpenSight – solid interface, suprisingly stable, although not it’s stable and not for all
BONES – animation and is free (I think), but not suitable for mechanical components.

The unfortunate thing about the whole jewelry world is that there isn’t a one stop shop. If there was a CAD package that could be used for both mechanical, fabrication and bejeweling, the world would be a better place.
As a side note, I too used to work in CAD. I used both Solid Works and CAD 2014 to learn sculpting as well as a few vector programs to learn, for instance, how to export to STL as well as to prepare models for manufacturability. I also learned.NET. I then upgraded to a MacBook Pro, which means that I am no longer allowed to use anything from Microsoft. Therefore, I am a Mac user as well. There are no other jewelry CAD packages that I have used with any degree of competency. I prefer Rhino and C4D, but both are not for free. In addition, I don’t mind paying a small price for a good product.
I just figured that if I was going to play around with jewelry CAD, I’d learn the one place where I could get a really good beginner’s tutorial.
Once again, I do not work for any of the vendors. I am by no means a jewelry expert. I just love learning about jewelry and computer programming and sharing what I learn. I can testify to the fact that there are so many great people on this site, that will answer your questions to your satisfaction.
If you do google “jewelry CAD package tutorial” you’ll find thousands. I just find the ones that are really in depth, and have a high level of interest in promoting their work.


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May 24, 2020
RhinoGold is a software application by which users can design 3D carvings or 3D digital art can be uploaded to the computer.
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Nov 1, 2019
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Apr 10, 2020
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RhinoGold Crack is a software application, developed by Variotech Inc. It can be used for creating 3D carvings or digital art.
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Oct 9, 2020
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