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Simple File Lister is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible for the casual user.
By default, this tool will scan and list all files in a directory, just by selecting the “Scan and list directory” button.
When the folder is stored locally on a laptop, Simple File Lister will automatically start scanning the specified folder. If the folder is stored in a shared directory, Simple File Lister will prompt the user to authenticate and then proceed to list the files.
The image scan quality is taken care of by Simple File Lister. This allows you to decide if you want the output list to be generated with the absolute minimum of detail, or to view files in full detail.
Simple File Lister works by scanning files, folders, archives and zip files.
This ensures that files are listed in the correct order, regardless of where they are stored.
Simple File Lister allows the user to select from a wide range of attributes that are typically included in this type of list, e.g. the date of last modification, the date of creation, the owner, the group owner, the size of the file, the location of the file, the type of file, the date added, etc.
The user can select which of these attributes are to be listed.
Simple File Lister allows users to select from among different options that control the output file format.
Simple File Lister can list plain text, comma separated, tab separated, and even multi-line CSV files, although this latter option is quite rudimentary, as it does not allow any valid values to be inserted in new lines.
Regardless of the selected output format, the actual lists that are generated are plain text.
This reduces the chances of having file or folder errors in your list, as the file contents are easily viewed.
Since Simple File Lister generates the list, the resulting data will be inserted as plain text, as it is easier to view and edit.
Simple File Lister is very simple to use, requiring a minimum amount of knowledge for the user to operate.
If you are familiar with Windows and computer terminology, you will be more than comfortable using Simple File Lister.
Although the application scans multiple types of files, you cannot find out which one in advance.
This is something you will only discover when the application is launched.
Simple File Lister can list any number of folders, regardless of whether you’re running this tool on a local or shared network

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Simple File Lister is an application with a name that reveals its purpose right from the very start. It aims to provide you with a tool that can generate a complete list of files in a certain directory, while trying to keep things as simple as possible.
Adopting a forthright approach, this program provides a more appealing alternative to using the DIR command in the console for viewing the content of a folder.
The main interface consists of a single window that comprises options for selecting the target and the output locations. The input folder can be stored on the local hard drive or a shared directory in the network.
Aside from this, the application offers you the possibility to select the file attributes to import. This is rather important, because a music file or a picture do not have the same relevant attributes as an executable one. For instance, you cannot list the artist or the album for an EXE file.
Fortunately, Simple File Lister comes with a set of predefined templates that you can use to select the properties you want listed, taking into consideration the type of files included in the input directory. Sub-folders can be optionally scanned and attribute lists can be saved for later use.
The application can generate the output list and automatically export it to various formats, such as TXT, CSV or TSV, which can be easily imported into spreadsheet applications.
Simple File Lister is mainly intended for those who prefer a GUI to the command prompt, enabling them to list the files in a folder and retrieve over 200 attribute types. It is very easy to handle, it can be launched in multiple instances and allows multi-thread processing, which makes it worth your time.
Key features:
*GUI interface
*Scan recursively sub-folders
*Automatically export in different output formats: TXT, CSV, TSV
*Create files or use the file that already exists
*Simultaneous list of multiple files in the folder
*Output files can be compressed using a ZIP tool
*Search for the filenames on the list
*Download attachments automatically (IE, HTML, PNG, PDF)
*Dates can be added to the filename with Date/Time stamp
*Runs on background without display image
*Run multiple instances
*Filter the list by date
*Clear the list
*Pause the job
*Continuous operation
*Pause the process
*Export only into one file
*Import select Attribute properties of the files

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The program is very easy to use. Its graphical interface allows you to select the target folder on your hard drive, if you prefer.
Once you select the folders you want, the scan process begins. You can select whether the scanning process should occur in real-time or a sequential mode. The options for scanning sub-folders are also visible here.
You can set the attribute types, either by selecting or adding them from the predefined lists. You can also select the file content formats in which you want the attributes exported.
At the end of the scan process, you can see the results in a tabular format, which can be exported to various formats, such as TXT, CSV or TSV.
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What’s New In Simple File Lister?

Simple File Lister is a tool that aims to list all the files in a folder, a folder that can be stored locally or in the network.
The program offers a vast collection of tools and settings that can help you automatically generate a simple, clean, and accurate file list.
Preview and Compare
Simple File Lister comes with a preview tool that can instantly display the output of a folder. You can compare the output with that of another folder or even with a previous run of the program.
Output Options
This is another great thing about this program. It comes with a great number of output formats that can be used to display the output of your folder:
• CSV (Comma Separated Values)
• TSV (Tab Separated Values)
• TXT (Tabular Text)
Import Options
Simple File Lister allows you to import attributes, such as author, title, and type for each file in the folder.
This is a really helpful feature because it allows you to build a data set that can be used to import and compare files of different types.
Simple File Lister Features:
• Preview and compare multiple folders
• Build custom data sets
• Import files and folder contents
• Save attributes for later use
• Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
System Requirements:
• Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 / Windows 8 or Windows 10
• 2048 x 1536 pixels display resolution or larger
• 2GB RAM minimum
• Free hard disk space for installation
• At least 500MB of free space in the output folder

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