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Stephen G Kochan Programming In C Pdf Download


This book is a tutorial for the computer programming language C. Its structure is shown: loops, input-output statements, grammar, as well as linguistic technology and several examples. Includes translation from English, grammar, code examples and algorithms in C. The book is designed for beginners and for those who already have practical knowledge in this area.
Author: G. Vilchek Publisher: YUNITI Year of publication: 2015 Pages: 240, Paperback Code: 94522 [for order by phone]
The book, published by the UNITEX publishing house, has a well-developed theme of cramming and learning by heart. Admissible errors cand. Phil. Sciences A. N.Gvozdev are compensated by, perhaps, the best version of the original textbook, which is based on a well-established method of teaching reading based on the Teacher Book – a textbook for self-study.
The book is intended for self-study of the English language by both trained students of language courses and teachers of foreign languages. Recently, much attention has been paid to methods of teaching English based on the use of computer technology.
For younger students. The textbook describes materials that allow for a qualitative transition from preschool to primary school education. Material is presented that will help children at school age to master the material “Programs and projects”, “Other academic subjects”, to master computer technology and skills in working on a personal computer. A selection of tasks and exercises has been developed for teachers to help develop analytical and creative thinking, attention, memory, thinking, and imagination in children. Answers to practical tasks are given. At the end of each section there is a list of additional literature for independent work.
Publishing house “UNITI” publishes the textbook “Reference System in Mathematics”, which contains materials on the theory of constructing mathematical models and algorithms, both widely known in computer science, and “new”, not described in the school curriculum. Issues related to the use of SAP technology in mathematics and informatics are analyzed in detail.



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