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Designed to be a practical and spiritual classic, this book will show you exactly how your thoughts create your reality.”
I wish all of you, my readers, love, happiness, joy, fulfillment of desires, and may your thoughts bring you good, and may happiness and love always live in your heart.
Best regards, Iya Gavrish

The female body is a single whole, or the female body
I know it will be me!
I myself am surprised how quickly (let’s say, quite recently) I learned to broadcast my thoughts, or rather, how easily I managed them.
Bert Hellinger
Part one
Protecting your femininity
I had a school experience that changed my life.
I was a girl, a very big girl, in the second grade. Once, at recess, I went to a boy I was friends with in the locker room. He was waiting for his mother, and I stood with him in a narrow corridor. Suddenly this boy came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder. I was surprised. He turned and said:
“You had a very sad story, but I heard about your father and really want to help you.
My dad is very good. When he went to war, he was killed there. He was a real man and deserved the right to life. Now he is very ill. He has not thought about his children and grandchildren for a long time. Only you can help him. But you have to be very careful, otherwise he can ruin everything. Tell him about your desire to be with him.
“I don’t understand what he needs and why? But most importantly – do not resist this desire! I thought. “It’s better not to want anything from him, but to have!”
At home, I told my mother in detail what I had heard. Mom was silent for a very long time. Finally she said:
“Maybe it’s true. And by law, he has the right to do so. But you can’t see your father right now. Otherwise, he might just kill you. I’ll talk to him myself.”
A few days later I was talking to my father, my grandfather, on the phone. I told him the whole truth about my problem. Of course, he did not believe me, but he said that he would try to arrange everything. I was very happy, because communication with my father was very important to me – especially now that I realized that this law is fair.Half a year later, I mustered up the courage to see my father



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