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Kids love using today’s technology for internet access and chat programs, but wasn’t the reason you got that computer so that they could do their homework? Or at least that was the excuse! So they get on the computer when they come home from school and start chatting with school buddies instead of doing that homework. Then of course if you have more than one child, the argument, “it’s my turn!” invariably start.
There are plenty of ‘nanny’ utilities out there which control what kids can actually get access to, but that doesn’t complete the picture. Sometimes it’s not what they are accessing but rather for how long, especially as these days so many of our kids have computers in their bedrooms. Why not have the computer automatically kick them off at a reasonable hour, they can’t argue with the computer! Developed by a parent with kids who fall into this category this program does just that. As an example, limiting a child’s access to 1 hour a day should allow them to complete their homework and have as a reward, when finished, a controlled time extension for the fun stuff.
So how does it allow you to stop the “it’s my turn” arguments when there is just one computer? With the help of Times Up each child can be allocated a different time slot during the day. For example, Sarah is given 4pm to 5pm and Christopher 7pm to 8pm, at these times each child knows that the computer will be free as the other child will not be able to access it.
Designed to enhance the built-in ‘logon hours’ control of the Windows NT operating systems by enforcing a user to be logged off when their time is up. The standard ‘logon hours’ are used to control when a logon can occur, to a resolution of 1 hour, but doesn’t logoff active users. Even in a corporate environment the only action performed is to prevent further network access while still leaving the user logged on.
Since a user interface to set the ‘logon hours’ is only provided with the high-end versions of the operating systems, this program provides a simple user interface to manage each users access time. Based on these access times a user can only logon when permitted.
Running in the background is a program that monitors when a user logs on and then figures out when they are supposed to be logged off. A few minutes before the user is logged off a message is displayed on the screen letting them know that their time is almost up. A further final message is displayed just before the user is about to be logged off.
The amount of time given for each message can be changed along with the message that is displayed i.e., “You will be logged off in 5 minutes, please save your work”.
As the amount of homework can be different from day to day, the program allows you to temporarily extend a users logoff time without having to change normal access times.
Here are some key features of “Times Up”:
■ Ease of use
■ Create a time limit for each individual user
■ When users time is up automatic logoff occurs, user cannot log back on
■ Warning messages that user is about to be logged off
■ Time may be increased by 5 minute increments so that homework can be finished
■ Runs as a background service
■ Ability to log off all users at a specific time for nightly procedures
■ Ability to force all users to be logged off after a certain time
■ Ability to manage accounts remotely
■ Based on Windows NT group security
■ Select specific users who can change access times and extend time
■ 7 days trial


Download ->>->>->> https://fancli.com/2n10m9

Download ->>->>->> https://fancli.com/2n10m9






Times Up Crack Free For Windows

This application is designed to allow anyone to control access times for any number of users with no programming knowledge.
The first time I tried this it took about 20 minutes to get working. I couldn’t be bothered to figure it out. There are also some quite big (lots of files) programs which you may have to purchase as well.
More Information:
Site Source:
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Times Up Crack + Free Download 2022 [New]

■ New public release of Times Up version 2.0 (1.0 was commercial)
■ Allows to set a time limit for each user (minutes only, secs are not supported)
■ Support to schedule automatic logoff when time limit is reached
■ Function “link” to logout all users not just the user who tried to log on (or not “link” all users)
■ Ability to indicate the reason why a user was “log off”
■ Ability to logoff a user by expiration
■ Only a maximum of 7 days can be used, after the end of the trial the program will no longer work (it’s more like a Lite version of the program, with many limitations)
■ There are no addin modules
■ This is a Windows service application (needs to be restarted if you change program parameters)
■ Windows NT operating system
■ Windows registry editor
■ Disk space approximately 100 KB
■ Open the main interface
■ Click “Configure” and add users (only users’ time can be configured, you can’t manage groups)
■ Click “Start”
■ Set the logon hours and extend the time, the time will be taken from the next time the user is automatically logged on
Times Up Configuration Files:

■ Times Up is a trial application, it is not needed after the expire
■ After the expiry of the trial period, it will stop work even if the config files are un-deleted
Other Limitations:
■ Program can make a user log off when they are not logged on
■ Very very basic user interface, if you are familiar with anything else better try this one!
■ Highly recommended (but not necessary if you’re not familiart with windows and you don’t know anything else)
■ Free! (you can try it on your own, no need to buy it!)
Ease of Use:
■ Easy
■ User Friendly
Required Disk Space:
■ 1.0

Times Up

Times Up is a new award-winning software program for Windows NT operating systems developed by a parent with kids who would fall into this category. It allows you to control access times on multiple computers within a network, at a time of your choice, and to restrict users on a computer to a set amount of time, with a warning that it’s almost time to be logged off. It allows you to enforce a logoff at a set time or to extend time if the user wishes.
What’s in a name?
In the past, the reason my kids wanted computer access in the evenings was to chat with their friends. Unfortunately the talk would last too long and the fun would be interrupted by the need to do their homework! So I developed Times Up, a program that would stop them chatting!
When the kids come home from school they are grumpy, hit the TV instead of doing their homework, check their e-mail instead of completing their homework. It was my turn, “it’s my turn”, every time they hit “access denied.” I finally realized the problem. So I developed times up, a time management program for kids, parents and teachers.
Times Up is designed to help parents control their kids access to computers. It allows you to control a users access time of each computer on your computer network. It then allows the user to automatically be logged off at a set time, such as 7pm, in just a few seconds.
While the user is logged off all of their files are automatically saved and their access time automatically reduced to the time of their log-off.
If the user wants to have more access time they can force themselves to be logged off at a different time. So if they want to play games and games were not allowed at 7pm then they can force themselves to be logged off at 7:15pm when it’s their turn.
The program then forces a logoff at a set time for all users. All the kids can’t then turn their computers back on until their time is up. If the time limit is set to 1 hour, they won’t be able to turn their computers back on until the hour is up.
Instead of telling the users when they will be logged off, it just gives them a warning that it’s almost time for them to be logged off. This will help the user save their work and give them the chance to save their work.
The final warning that you will be logged

What’s New in the?

Times Up is an application that provides a reliable system for disabling and enabling network connections. The program has the capability to be used with Windows NT, Windows 98 and Windows 2000. It is to be used in conjunction with a standard access control program such as Microsoft Windows NT access control program. It is designed to provide flexible and reliable access control for a number of connected computers. With this program, you can allow or restrict any user from any computer to connect to the network at any time. It has been designed for use with computers connected to a LAN or WAN, but can be used with any type of network.



Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

8.63 MB

Windows NT

Time Left:
14 days

Download Link:
Times Up

Access Control

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System Requirements:

Windows XP Professional, Windows 7, Windows 8.1
1.5GHz processor or greater
1 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
1 GB of video RAM or greater
Version 11 or later
Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive:
6 GB available space
Additional Requirements:
Internet Explorer 9 or greater or Firefox 17 or greater or Chrome 21 or greater


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