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VBScript2Exe is a useful program which converts Visual Basic scripts to executable files (.exe), protecting contents of .vbs files from being changed by other users accidentally or intentionally.







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VBS2EXE is a proprietary software which converts Visual Basic scripts (.vbs) to executable files (.exe). It is a standalone application (no need to install VBS2EXE). In addition, VBS2EXE also can convert VBS to other popular programming languages, such as C, C++, C#, Java, PHP etc. With the VBS2EXE, you can protect your VBS files from tampering, and then safely send them to others. VBS2EXE can convert VBS script to common executable file formats (.exe) including.com,.bat,.exe,.py and.pct formats, which are commonly used by Windows OS and server applications. The output executable file keeps both the original file and the VBS content. VBS2EXE provides built-in functions to check the security of script.

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The program also offers the following features: conversion from other popular programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java, PHP etc.; in-depth intelligence functionality to discover violations of the original script; convert version; export source code to HTML, PDF or image formats; find out the line number of errors or warnings; import from other files; advanced permissions and HTML report.

You can rename all the files from /into the destination folder, and even rename folders from /into the destination folder.The program can rename all the files from all the subfolders into the destination folder, and even rename folders from all the subfolders into the destination folder.

VBScript2Exe Torrent Download: – Scans the registry – Search for and replaces the specified string.
– Checks for registry keys, values, and data tables.
– Repairs errors in the registry
– Caches modifications to the registry so you don’t need to re-run the program after each change.
– Protects registry keys with passwords
– Finds and replaces strings in any text file.
– Prints the contents of a text file, making it easy to modify text files on the fly.
– Allows you to safely add or replace text files.
– Allows you to search and replace files, folders, subfolders, and drives.
– Allows you to search and replace files, folders, subfolders, and drives.
– Allows you to locate a string in all files.
– Allows you to locate a string in all files.
– Scans a directory, a subdirectory

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VBScript2Exe is a useful program which converts Visual Basic scripts to executable files (.exe), protecting contents of.vbs files from being changed by other users accidentally or intentionally.
This application was developed to help users working with VBScripts and also to make available a simple and functional tool to convert VBScript to an executable file easily.
This application is still under development and it has a lot to improve. It is meant to be a first step in the direction of becoming a complete tool for VBScript programmers and not just a simple convertor.
App Home:
This software requires that you have Microsoft Windows™ Operating System in order to install and run properly. For more information, visit the software vendor’s website.
This file is downloaded from

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VBScript2Exe is a program that converts Visual Basic scripts to executable files (.exe). The conversion makes the script safe, because it does not allow modification of its contents by other users.
While you can use VBScript2Exe to generate an executable from the most of Visual Basic scripts, you can’t alter the original script.
The package consists of two components:
VBScript2Exe.exe (original script converter)
Script2ExeHelp.chm (usage information about VBScript2Exe)
After you install this package, the wizard creates the executable in the “My documents\VBScript2Exe” folder. You can use the “setup.exe” file in this folder to install the program on the computer from where you are creating the script file.
VBScript2Exe Features:
Copy entire or partial VBScript code from your source files
Use the generated executable directly without any modifications
The executable may be run directly from any folder, not just “My documents”
VBScript2Exe License:
You are allowed to install the program, use the executable, study the documentation, copy and translate the help file and the license. All the other rights are reserved by Digiware Ltd. (located in United Kingdom) for commercial, educational and personal use. Do not distribute the help file and executable together with the script file, as it would reveal the original source.

VBScript2Exe Change Log Version (Windows 8 or higher):
Version 3.0
Renamed the.mixed file extension to.vbsext
Added “win32” and “win64” versions
Added support for ExeScript

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VBScript2Exe is a useful program which converts Visual Basic scripts to executable files (.exe), protecting contents of.vbs files from being changed by other users accidentally or intentionally. With VBScript2Exe you are able to turn your scripts into executables. The protection is taken care of by a set of technologies: VBScript2Exe reads VBS files and processes them into COM objects which are described in detail within the documentation. In addition, VBScript2Exe has an editor to edit the VBScripts or to write new executable scripts. Finally, the output of VBScript2Exe is tailored to standard operating systems by detecting and executing appropriate runtimes (Windows or others) from within the.vbs file.

It allows you to change functions, classes, properties, and methods in your Visual Basic script safely and easily. You can even copy a class or method from one script to another, or copy functions and properties from one project to another.
VBScript2Exe is not intended to edit the script content, but to enable the creation of executable scripts from your Visual Basic scripts. It does not protect your data (it is the user who is responsible for the data protection), so you have to be sure that you have adequate protection in the rest of your programs.

Controls the runtime environment to which it converts a script. It protects the script from changing by a non-administrator user on the computer.

User access control properties

Users defined within a project control which users VBScript2Exe can run on.

Supports security policies.

VBScript2Exe Features:

VBScript2Exe is fully featured VBS to EXE converter.
VBScript2Exe allows you to convert VBS scripts to EXE, VBS-to-COM, VBS-to-VBScript, VBS-to-Boo, VBS-to-C++, VBS-to-For, VBS-to-Javascript, VBS-to-LUA, VBS-to-Python and VBS-to-Ruby.

VBScript2Exe has a large number of security settings. You are able to control the protection of the converted script.
It supports debugging: You can access the source code of the converted script in the editor.
It supports VBS script version control.
VBScript2Exe supports memory management for the converted

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1 or 7
Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
Broadband Internet connection
HDD space:
20GB free space on the C: drive
Sound Card:
DirectX 11
Additional Software:
Adobe Flash 11 or later
Interactive elements in the game are rendered in real-time. There are no load times.
The game runs


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