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WinMend Disk Cleaner Crack+ Patch With Serial Key Free Download

WinMend Disk Cleaner Crack For Windows is a file cleaner and utility that automatically locates and removes junk files and archives from your disk. You can tell WinMend to clean all files in all areas or you can select your specific disk space and have only it cleaned. The program will examine your Registry, temporary files, system, application, and user specific files to locate and remove the junk files that take up space. WinMend Disk Cleaner Download With Full Crack can clean on one or all of the hard drives on your computer simultaneously.
WinMend Disk Cleaner also can be set to automatically run and clean when you start your computer. Or you can have the program run at a specified time.
WinMend Disk Cleaner Features:
– Find and Remove: Find/remove junk files and (extremely large) archives, use optional filters to specify types of files you wish to exclude from the search.
– Clean Up: Clean up parts of the disk selected by you, use optional filters to specify file types to remove, and cleanup partial space on the disk.
– System Scan: Recursively search entire file system to locate and remove junk, use optional filters to specify file types to exclude and/or include, and cleanup partial space.
– Registry Scan: Scan and clean all registry related files to remove junk files that may interfere with proper Windows operations.
– User Specific: Search all Windows user specific files on all hard drives to locate and remove junk.
– File Types: Includes a variety of file types that can be automatically excluded or automatically included from the file search.
– Disk Cleanup: Create space for more important files in the hard disk, including free space in the selected areas.
– Run on Startup: Run when you startup the computer, or at a later time (on or off).
– Statistics: Display statistics for your disk space usage.
– Customizable Look and Feel: Allows you to customize the look and feel of the interface by selecting the look/feel that you prefer.
– Create Backup: Create backup files for selected files.
– Run a Program On Scan: Run an EXE file located on your computer on your scan.
– One Click Clean: With one click, the program can clean up all of the junk files on all of the selected areas of your disk, or you can choose which area of the disk you want cleaned up.
– Easy to Use: Clean your disk with just a few clicks.
– Toolbar: Freeing up your disk requires

WinMend Disk Cleaner Crack + Free Download

Junk Files Clean Up

Junk Files Clean Up

Junk Files Clean Up is the best way to clean junk files in Windows. It can scan, clean up, and detect bad sectors with your system, and support all versions of Windows operating system.
1. Scan, Clean and Repair Junk Files: Delete orphan files, large files, temporary files, backup files, old, empty or corrupted files, system caches and fragments.
2. Protect Junk Files: Invalidates all regenerated files in Windows, to avoid failure of Windows system operation, and protects the system from virus attacks.
3. Empty Recycle Bin: It can scan the recycle bin and clean the recycle bin. It can ensure the recycle bin is empty, and protect the recycle bin from virus attacks, to prevent the virus from re-infection.
4. Compact System Directories: It can compact system files to avoid the system occupied more space, and ensure system speed.
5. Defrag System Folders: It can defrag system folders, files, and keep the disk stable and low.
6. Deep Scan: Detects and lists everything, including registry, disk repair, performance, notepad, indexing, shadow copy, etc.
7. Auditing: List the modified files, delete a few selected files and folders.
8. One-Click Fix: Offline error code database, easy to resolve, one-click solution.
9. System memory health check: Garbage collection, memory monitoring, major memory, minor memory.
10. CPU health check: CPU healthy, CPU speed, CPU power, CPU info.
11. Hard Disk health check: Hard disk status, read/write, read speed, sectors, cluster size, logical sector size, etc.
12. 4x HDD Scan: Search all hard drives, damaged hard drive and bad sectors.
13. Backups: Detect and list all backups, such as, full, incremental, online and other kinds of backups.
14. System Shortcuts: Scan the system shortcuts and pin points, create shortcuts to the unwanted folders, and refresh the shortcuts list.
15. Backup Restore: Support all Windows systems, auto-run, auto-delete.
16. Windows Startup Repair: Recovery, repair, uninstall the programs, repair errors, optimize startup speed, hibernation, windows shutdown, auto-run, auto-fix, windows start, optimize system performance, optimize windows boot, clean startup.
17. Registry

WinMend Disk Cleaner With Serial Key

WinMend Disk Cleaner is a reliable software that is capable of performing thorough system scans and offer an overview on the hard disk occupied space status. The software can easily detect how much storage is allocated to unnecessary junk files and clear the files away, in order to make room for important items.
Computer diagnosis specialist
Pending a thorough system scan WinMend Disk Cleaner can detect how much of the hard disk space is allocated to each type of files. The software focuses on compressed archives, image files, documents, music, videos, junk and other formats. Additionally, the application can indicate how much free space is available and how much space you could clean up by erasing all the junk files.
Junk files are generally temporary documents, created when operating programs and stored in Documents, AppData or other such folders. It is a tedious job to manually search for all these files and erase them.
Clean and filter junk files
WinMend Disk Cleaner features two main functions, both designed to offer you an overview on the state of occupation of the hard disk space. Disk Cleaner can identify and display the temporary files stored on your computer, then allows you to select/deselect the rows. Once you have decided which files you wish to keep, you can erase the rest with one mouse click.
The Disk Analyzer offers a statistical view on how the types of files that occupy the hard disk space. This function allows you to view all the junk files and their size, then, as with the Disk Cleaner, erase the selected ones. Additionally, you may create filters and select the exact file extensions you wish to include or exclude from the search.
Clean up your computer and prolong its life
WinMend Disk Cleaner is lightweight, easy to use and allows you to clear away unnecessary files that take up too much space on your computer. The junk files are not large, usually, but over time they can slow down your system and cause disk fragmentation. Thus, with WinMend Disk Cleaner, not only can you create more free space on the hard disk, but you can also ensure a better system performance over the years.

WinMend Disk Cleaner is a reliable software that is capable of performing thorough system scans and offer an overview on the hard disk occupied space status. The software can easily detect how much storage is allocated to unnecessary junk files and clear the files away, in order to make room for important items.
Computer diagnosis specialist
Pending a thorough system scan WinM

What’s New in the WinMend Disk Cleaner?

Clean your computer fast! And without computer slowdown! WinMend Disk Cleaner is designed to efficiently remove temporary files from your computer. All you need to do is launch the software and let it run for the cleanup operation. All of the rubbish that is collecting on your computer is being cleaned. All temporary files, cache files, temporary internet files, temporary browser files and other not-so-important files will be removed.
You will be surprised to see how much space is being wasted on the system. You will see your hard disk will have more space at the end of the session. This is because the files are not currently occupying the space. All the files that have been cleaned by the software will be added back to the hard disk.
You must select the process as clean or just clean. You can also turn off the option of ‘Restore’. If you have selected clean, all the files will be cleaned. If you have selected just clean, only files that are not being opened will be cleaned. You can make the selection with a mouse click.
You can select the files that you would like to clean. If you have selected a number of files, WinMend Disk Cleaner will make the clean operation for all files. If you have selected the option of ‘Restore’, then the files will be restored to their original location. You can select any file to ‘Restore’ with the help of the mouse. The files will be restored to their original location after the clean operation.
WinMend Disk Cleaner has the option of ‘Replace files’. This option allows you to replace a file with another one. You can select any file as a replacement. The files will be replaced with others. You can make a selection with the help of the mouse.
WinMend Disk Cleaner is simple to use. It is not a complex software. Very few key strokes are required for the operation of the software. There are two options in the software. The option ‘Clean’ is the normal way of operation of the software. In this, there is a panel which will indicate what type of files have been selected to be cleaned. Now the process of cleaning the files will begin and the clean operation will be carried out. In the next section, ‘Restore’ is provided. This option will restore the selected files. Restoring will be done with the help of the mouse.
A speed-boost of 500-10,000% is provided in a few seconds. The total operation process is

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